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Running for 23 issues betweem 1988 and 1996 body art magazine was a pioneering venture by Henry Ferguson and Lynn Procter. often refereed to as one of the key publications that helped to give quality exposure and reliable information about all forms of Bodyart when it needed it the most. The aim of the publication was to provide the best product possible, the photography was always of the highest grade, the interviews were with truly important people and articles were always well written and researched. Like the articles the production quality stood out, high quality printing, card cover stock and square bound spine on most issues.

Unlike publications that came before and after body art magazine never restricted its self and reported upon all aspects of bodyart permanent and not. The title also reported on bodyart few other publications would tough including Scarification, Branding, Body Suspensions, surgical modifications, implants and extreme rituals. But do not think this was an extreme publication, as much time and print was put into non permanent modifications such as award winning body painting, hair styles, pubic hairdressing, corsetry, henna art, fingernail art and more.

Henry Ferguson and Lynn Procter led the writing team but brought in many big names not usually associated with 'Tattoo' magazines like Ted Polhemus. The 1990s was a time of change for the UK tattoo and piercing industry, many of our big cultural icons were interviewed including Mr Sebastian, Micky 'Sharpz' Lewis, Ed Hardy, Jack Yount, Elayne Angel, Alex Binnie, Jim Ward and Steve Haworth.

It is a true testament to the ability of the writers and photographers that this publication is still relevant and important to the body modification community do many years later.

the spirit of body art lives on
Through the 1990's paper and printing costs increased steadily to the point it became unprofitable to continue Body Art magazine. Today things are no better, the increasing fuel prices make distribution costs prohibitive so there is little chance of seeing Body Art on the shelves again. But we do not want to let the magazine die. From the ashes of Body Art Magazine will come a number of new web sites lead by which will be launched January 2008.
Where are they now?
Do you know any of the people who were featured in the original Body Art magazines? or did you once work on the title? if so please contact us as we would love to interview you and find out what you are up to today.
bulk purchases
Stocks of the original Body Art magazine are very limited but we do have a 20 to 50 copies of most (but not all) issues. If you are looking to buy 50+ mixed magazines contact us for the best price.

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Pre-dating body art magazine by a couple of years Modern Primitives is usually thought of as the publication that broke large custom tattoo work, piercings, scarification, branding, suspensions and all aspects of bodyart into the public eye.

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Modern Magazines
If you are looking to purchase a magazine today we recommend Skin Deep and Skin Shots by Jazz Publications, it is the longest running UK tattoo magazine by far. When body art finished Skin Deep was the publication that continued the tradition of convention reports and artist / collector interviews. skindeep
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body art has an entry in the bmezine wiki. BMEZine runs the single largest body modification wiki on the internet.

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